Open For Reviews!

As part of my attempt to make a review blog (mixed with my own personal drama) I’ve decided to open myself for book and story reviews. It seems fun and interesting! Though I have a few policies for this.

  1. I’m very particular about the stories I read. Mostly, I read urban fantasy, horror, thriller, mystery, or basically anything that ventures away from the typical school setting where nerd girl falls in love with jock boy and vice versa, or anything that involves plain romance. I’ve made a few exceptions, though, but I can’t guarantee that I’d be able to make a speedy review for it.
  2. I’m currently a third year college student taking up Advertising. I’m going to be juggling that with this side-hobby so I hope you wouldn’t rush me with the review.

I’d also like to clarify that my blog isn’t a popular blog at the moment. I hope it’ll be, someday, but right now, I only have a couple of readers and followers. I hope that’s alright and you’d still allow me to make a review of your story.

If you’re interested, kindly hover to my contact page and drop me a message! 🙂


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