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First Day of Internship


So today was, I think, my official first day of internship at Digital Photographers Philippines. I’m not sure if my hours will count as part of my official school requirement but nonetheless, I think I’m gonna like it there a lot. The people are so fun and friendly and there’s this creative atmosphere in the place which really inspires me to work my best.

My first job for today was to proofread the issue of their magazine which is supposed to be launched next week. I’ve gone through around 75 pages and I hope I did a good job at that. I wouldn’t want my first day to be my last. I’m really excited to work in DPP. I think I’m going to learn a lot from them and from my working experience.

With that, I think I’ll have a slower progress on book reviews because I also have my thesis going on. I guess it’s safe to say I’m starting to experience what the real world is like.

Cruel? Yeah, slightly. Cruel on sleep, perhaps. I had been sleep-deprived and caffeine-dependent for days now and I’m missing a lot of sleep time. An unfortunate timing it is, because we had been experiencing cold weather which is a lot different this year. I don’t think it had ever been this cold in the Philippines before.

Anyway, tomorrow, I’m watching Wicked! I had been looking forward to that and I can’t wait to do a review on it.


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