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Cold Stone, Serendra Branch (Service Review)


Today, I celebrated an early Christmas celebration with a very important person in my life because she’s leaving the country for the holidays. Our final food destination was this ice cream parlor called Cold Stone which had been around for 25 years or so, but it’s only some time around this year that it came here in the Philippines. It was only earlier that I got the chance to actually try out the product. Primarily, we were just there for a cold treat.

But we got so much more than that.

We read around the shop about their history and basically their brand’s positioning (which is basically about bringing happiness to their customers) and true enough, they stayed true to their word. I was still quite sick the whole day but that experience really brightened up our afternoon.

CS3Charm point #1: friendly people. There was something about the way their crew talked to their customers that added up to the whole Cold Stone experience. Being a first-timer, I didn’t know which to pick. The crew was friendly enough to tell me about their best-sellers and stuff, and a couple more information that was really awesome (which I will discuss after).

Charm point #2: AWESOME RULES. So apparently, if you order something that isn’t particularly to your liking, YOU CAN HAVE IT REPLACED. Isn’t that cool?? Who else does that, right?? (Pardon me, this unique service of theirs amazes me too much). Also, you can experience having your cup of ice cream thrown towards you and you have to catch it! No worries if it fails because they’d replace it nonetheless!

Charm point #3: their ways to brighten your day. So it seemed like some ingredients and flavors have corresponding songs to it because if a customer chooses a certain flavor, topping, ingredient, etc., they just burst into songs (like in musicals and stuff) and everyone will just smile and watch them. Even we considered about working there in the future because it seems like a fun job and it brightens the days of their customers.

CS2   CS1

One happy customer right here! Thanks for brightening our afternoon, Cold Stone Serendra Branch! I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end our special day! (PS: we took the Cheesecake Fantasy and Coookie Doughn’t special. They were tasty!)


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