On Pending Reviews


I have pending book reviews from these wonderful people who were kind enough to entrust their works to me. To Brian, Amber, and Jeff, I promise I’d get to these as soon as I possibly can.

My explanation:

School resumed for me around the 2nd week of November hence the seldom posting since that time. November had been a hell of month for me for attempting to join NaNoWriMo (which I unfortunately didn’t finish on time) and I was already starting with my thesis paper. IMAGINE THAT. I’M ALREADY STARTING WITH MY THESIS PAPER. I honestly can’t believe it til now, that I’m GRADUATING COLLEGE in THREE SEMESTERS¬†hopefully. Also, I had been annoyingly sick these past few days and I’m suffering from a couple of respiratory complications. As much as I want to read during my free time, I need as much rest as I can to be able to be better in time for Christmas.

So… there.

I hope you guys understand. I promise I’ll really read these and do honest reviews about them. I’m really terribly sorry for the delay it’s been causing.


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