The Advantages of Being a Writer in My Chosen Course

Perhaps one of the main highlights of college life is the thesis slash the culmination and actualization of everything you’ve learned in your course and I am now on its first stage. Right now, for the most part, I thank the fact that my eccentric imagination goes beyond what society considers as normal so conceptualizing a topic that’s hopefully undone by others is not so much of a mentally-breaking task for me. I’ve done so many plot conceptualizations and the skills of thinking outside the box and writing excessively will come in very handy for this thesis work. I’m just hoping that I find a topic that I’d really love the way I did for Samantha’s Diary. That’s the key to perseverance, really. Similarly to NaNoWriMo, I don’t think I’d have the daily inspiration to push through if I don’t like the plot. It’s just unfortunate that we are no longer given the wider scope for our topic-picking hence the possible limits of my thoughts.


As for NaNoWriMo, though, I am behind word count as of today (day 13). Calculating the word count estimation, I should be somewhere in 22,000 by now but unfortunately I’m stick somewhere in 20,000. I wouldn’t want to blame school, but– yep. It’s because of school. On the plus side, I finally have a clearer direction for my novel’s plot hence the new-found inspiration to keep going. The character references are helping a lot, too. It’s a lot more interesting to imagine the scenes unfold in your mind and you can imagine actual people in it.


Lastly, I’ve changed the cover for the third time after stumbling upon a lovely photo. Credits to the photographer. I hope I’d be able  to track him / her down to inform him / her personally. I hope you guys can check it out! I’d really love comments and constructive criticisms.  Please click the image to redirect you to the novel. Thank you!



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