NaNoWriMo Day 6

This is my last day of term break and fortunately, it was a productive day for me for NaNoWriMo-related stuff. I managed to revise the cover (though I have two others who are also doing their own version) of Samantha’s Diary and here’s how it looks like:



I’m really quite lame and suck-ish when it comes to photoshop. I’ve got to practice a lot more so I also asked a couple of highly-talented photoshop people to do a cover for me. The covers aren’t done yet though, but I promised I’d feature them here once they’re done. I really can’t wait!

Also, I spent a couple of hours in Pinterest to look for character references. Here’s a teaser for everyone:

Lucian Mike Sam

These are the closest I found to how I envisioned some of my characters. The accuracy in these photos are beyond words. It’s as if my characters came alive!



Total word count as of Day 6: 11,715
Words for today: 2,449/1,700 (hooray for behind quota)


Lastly, I’ve made a Pinterest account. Let’s keep in touch through our own interests!



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