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The Haunting Season by Michelle Muto (Book Review)


Title: The Haunting Season
Author: Michelle Muto




I just turned the last page of The Haunting Season and spent like 5 minutes staring blankly into space because my mind mentally screamed for more. Really? It’s over? Is there a book two or something? Please don’t leave me like this.

Well basically, those are my first few thoughts upon turning the last page of Michelle Muto’s The Haunting Season. I mean… WHY DID IT END???? I thought Don’t Fear the Reaper officially captured my soul but what on earth?? Here comes The Haunting Season and my soul’s split into two. Once again, Michelle Muto blew me away with her work! The way her imagination works is simply remarkable. I’ve read a couple of horror novels throughout the years and only a few would make me want to stop reading because I had to check if there were no eyes staring at me from the mirrors or something. Just a personal note, I had to take a bath right after reading The Haunting Season and I badly felt the need to cover the mirror in the bathroom just in case… you know… yep, You have to read it to find out what I’m blabbering about. This novel is most definitely spine-chilling and highly romantic in some parts. Mostly, it contains vivid details that’ll make you imagine everything in high definition. Yep, not for the fainthearted, really.


When Jess’s father and grandmother passed away, she thought the opportunity to take part of a paranormal experiment at the infamous haunted Siler House will give her a chance to talk to them – especially her father – again. She thought it would give her the chance to tell her father that she loved him and that she wished him well one last time. It turns out that Siler House has its way of playing with its inhabitants. Somehow, its original owners, weren’t able to fully move on since their time came. Jess, along with three others with special abilities like her, had the ultimate scare of a lifetime but their experience happened not because of special effects and make-up. They had to deal with the real thing. Ghosts? Demons? Zombies? Yes, they’re all true.

PERSONAL NOTES: (spoiler alert here and there)

  • SPECTACULAR DETAILS. Really. I mean it. It goes to show how much the author, Michelle, did her research in some aspects of the novel. Some scenes are very gruesome and vividly explained which gave me, as the reader, the ultimate chills. Allison’s background freaked me out the most, but nothing’s worst than imagining Riley eat up the twins’ corpse. Eww. Just. Eww.
  • I love how there’s a balance of paranormal and romance. It’s quite funny how Gage and Jess went all the way in bed in a haunted house but I guess that gives us a break from all the scare and eerie scenes.
  • THE PLOT TWISTS ARE AMAZING. Once again, Michelle Muto gave her stories the twists that readers wouldn’t see coming. A couple of times I found myself screaming “OHMYGOSH!” all of a sudden and people around me would just look at me like I’m the weirdest person on earth.
  • I admire how Michelle was able to think up of SO MANY scenes. I mean, if this was turned into a movie, I doubt it’d fit in a 2-hr time frame. I really look up to her and how her imagination works. The Haunting Season reminds me of my own work, Samantha’s Diary, and it gave me the inspiration I needed. I wish I can create a piece as spectacular and as spine-chilling as this one.
  • I personally think that the story should go on because I was left with a lot of questions and I’m sure other readers had their own questions too. What happened to Allison? What becomes of Siler House after the bed and breakfast thing? What becomes of the Bryan, Jess and Gage? I don’t know, I think it’s just me, but a book two sounds good.
  • It’s just a typical plot given so many twists and turns that it became such a unique piece. I love it.

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