NaNoWriMo: Samantha’s Diary

After days of mental deliberation, I finally came to terms with myself that I’d be joining Nanowrimo this year with Samantha’s Diary as my official entry. I don’t know how things will be from now on, considering that I have school to worry about starting on the 7th of November, but it’s an experience I’m really looking forward to. Plus it’d give me the push I need to actually finish Samantha’s Diary. I already the have the plot laid out in my head (though I’m open to changes throughout the way) so it’s really exciting to finally pen the ideas down with words. Also, I’ll have it posted in Wattpad as well just for the sake of it. Right now, I’m thinking if I should create a pen name or what. What do you think?

Here, let me just leave you with an excerpt of Samantha’s Diary


Everything you’d be reading from this point onwards is part of my innermost thoughts that I wouldn’t dare to share personally to any living soul in this planet. It may sound ridiculous, I mean, you might be thinking that I have at least one best friend to share my secrets with and I guess you’re right, but… that friend of mine is no longer around. I can’t explain everything in this opening page because there are lots of events that took place back then when… ah, just read on and you’ll find out what I’m blabbering about right now. All I can tell you at the moment is how I made a promise to myself and to him that I would leave our story behind and move on with my life. I don’t know if someone would ever find this but if ever someone does, it may be a blessing or a curse. Perhaps you’d find it a treasure and consider selling my diary for the entire world to know about me or you’d think it’s a cursed and haunted one but nonetheless, this is yours to call your own. Do with it what you please. It’s no longer mine and no longer his; and as for me, perhaps I’m somewhere in the world right now doing only God knows what. It’s part of my promise anyway, that I’d forget this and live this behind.

Perhaps you’re wondering who I am. My name is Samantha Lawrence, commonly known as Sam. I’m currently writing this note on a rainy October night with my luggage right beside me. This note will be stuck on the first page as a foreword (or perhaps a warning?) to its content. Right now, I’m twenty nine years old. The events that took place in this diary happened in a span of two years, ten years ago. Two bittersweet years, if you ask me, but I shall treasure it all my life. Unfortunately, those memories aren’t only mine to share. Someone else shares it with me and for him, the full accounts should be forgotten.

Hence, I’m leaving this diary behind.  Thank you, nonetheless.

– Samantha Lawrence


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