Personal Updates + Getting Featured


Samantha's Diary 2 -jpeg

I finally decided to rewrite Attachment in a different format and in line with this, I gave it a new title and a new cover. Samantha’s Diary is still a huge work in progress at the moment which is why I haven’t posted it on Wattpad yet. Speaking of, are there any other good writers social networking site? If you do know of one, let me know. I’m starting to feel that Wattpad isn’t the place for me because I don’t really write much of the whole teen romance stuff. Partially, I do, but not entirely, and I guess a lot of Wattpad readers are making that their number one priority in reading a Wattpad story. That, and a couple of fanfiction here and there. Anyway, it’s the same plot but only narrated in a different manner and given a new title. Oh, and I’m already attempting to turn this into a novel. It’s my first time to attempt such a thing, so… wish me luck!


I am so honored to be featured in Cyndi Tefft’s blog! Yesterday, I was completely fangirling over Aiden Mac Rae (the antagonist of Between) so I ended up creating a fan art of him. Cyndi Tefft was kind enough to have it posted on her website! I know my drawing skills are quite rusty and lame but I still feel so overjoyed with the fact that an author published my work. It’s the first time such a thing happened!

Lastly, I’m currently reading The Haunting Season by Michelle Muto and I’ll be creating another review for her once I’m done. Once again, Michelle’s making me miss out on reality because the book won’t separate itself from my hands. I’m really looking forward to how the story will turn out because her other work that I previously read, Don’t Fear the Reaper, got me so hooked and it’s one of the stories that I’ll remember for a long, long time.


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