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Between (Book Review)


Title: Between
Author: Cyndi Tefft




After flipping the last page of Between, I suddenly found the need to find a good reason to move on with my life

The moment I finished reading Between, I instantly tweeted to its author, Cyndi Tefft, that I need to find a good reason to move on with my life because the book blew me away. It took me to many different places both in the past and in the future and it gave me the chance to meet a grim reaper far from how horror novels and movies portrayed him to be. It gave me the opportunity to have a temporary escape from reality to follow Aiden and Lindsey’s good times and tough struggles, making me a spectator who laughed and cried along with them. This book literally brought tears in my eyes and gave me the laughs as well to compensate for it.


In a sudden, unexpected moment, Lindsey, your typical teenage girl, died in a car crash. It was this seemingly unfortunate event that led her to meet the man of her dreams – a Scottish real-life Adonis named Aiden MacRae – who was then serving as what us humans know as the grim reaper due to his own share of tragic events. In that unknown realm between life and death, Lindsey spent her days with Aiden in bliss and ignorance of what may happen in the afterlife. Though the pains of “passing on” were there at first, Lindsey found life in death.

PERSONAL NOTES: (spoiler alert here and there)

  • I am not much of a fan of chick flicks BUT this book is chick-flick-ish with a dash of paranormal elements in it that made it absolutely a perfect read for me. I may not be much of a fan of the whole cheesy conversations between couples but Between didn’t make me want to stop and put down the book because of it. Pardon me, I’m a VERY picky reader but this one is an ABSOLUTE EXCEPTION.
  • Steaming hot love scenes. ‘Nuff said.
  • There is a good balance between slice of life and paranormal.
  • I love how the author described everything – from appearances to sceneries – in full detail that would make even the non-imaginative readers to picture everything in HD.
  • A total page-turner with twists that would blow the readers away. Here’s my personal experience: it was a peaceful Saturday morning here at home, the whole house was quiet, and there I was, suddenly screaming, “OH MY GOSH!!!” all of a sudden because of a certain plot twist.
  • It’s also amazing how the author managed to sprinkle it up with a dash of religion. It makes the readers think twice somehow.


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