Weekly Writing Challenge: Point of View

I came across the “Weekly Writing Challenge: The Difference Point of View Makes” over at the Daily Post and I think it’s an awesome exercise to stretch one’s imagination. Personally, as an aspiring writer, I rarely venture into my character’s point of views aside from the main one[s] so I guess this activity will be interesting and challenging for me.

The challenge is to share a story told in two or more perspectives. I’ve decided to use, once again, Under His Strings for this because… well… the characters I’ve used for that are very much alive in my imagination.

So… here goes.

(Just to avoid confusion, this post will be color-coded. Aaroqx’s will be blue Alice’s will be red Also, just a quick background, Aaroqx, the antagonist of Under His Strings, is the life-giver who scorned Adonis the grim reaper. Alice, one of the protagonists, is the human girl whom Adonis grew quite fond of. This is the both of them describing Adonis)

It was just right for him to be banished from the heavens centuries ago. The heavens has no place for filthy creatures like him. Such rebels, his family was, it was no question that he, too, was worthless.

I didn’t understand who he was at first because everything was chaotic. I met him during the heaviest days of my life.

He thinks he’s that human girl’s guardian angel. Ha! Such a fool! He can only dream of giving life instead of taking it!

I couldn’t bear what was happening anymore. I was all alone in a post-apocalyptic world. The virus took them all; my family, my friends and everyone I knew.

It must’ve been a happy time for him – a time where death was at its peak!

He looked like the grim reaper I used to read about in books.

An ugly, distasteful fallen angel.

Yet everything was just a facade.

Even without that silly robe and mask of his, he is not an angel.

Inside, was a charming young man, perhaps a little older than I was. Everything about him looked very angelic – even those crimson eyes of his.

A fallen angel who managed to capture the heart of that human girl. The reality of her world must’ve taken its toll on her.

It may sound insane, but the more I got to know the entity who owned my soul, the more I fell for him.

He made her life a living hell.

He protected me from the virus which was why everyone else I loved died and I remained.

He made her suffer by allowing her to watch them all die one by one.

Yet he gave me hope and a new light in a hopeless and dark world.

He thought that staying with her would compensate for what he had done. 

Adonis was there – he was always there until the moment I passed away.

He lived the years of that human girl until her time came.

The young and angelic Adonis loved me even when I was old and wrinkled.

She eventually died and Adonis took her soul as part of the pact. God knows, it must’ve been the ultimate punishment for him – taking the soul of one so dear to him. Yet even beyond the grave, the girl followed.

Years passed and I begged the angels to bring me to his world.

Selfish little Adonis allowed his little human to endure the pains of bringing death.

The first time I met him in his world, he was shocked. I was young and pretty again, the way I was when we met, and I was ready – ready to endure the pains he had been enduring so to lessen his own.

He was selfish, I say!

Adonis and I argued. He didn’t want to be become a death-giver like him. But I insisted. I told him that the real pain would be being separated from him.

Now he continues to live with guilt and pain.

And now, together for all eternity, Adonis and I are happy despite our new life. Adonis may be a fallen one, but he will be forever my angel.

That demon Adonis.


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