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Minutes Before Sunset (Book Review)


Title: Minutes Before Sunset
Author: Shannon A. Thomspon


Brief Summary:

As the First Descendant of the Dark prepares himself to battle the Light because of a prophecy, he unexpectedly meets a girl that made his life take a 360-degree turn. The young man whose heart grew cold after a certain accident involving a girl who owned his heart years ago, slowly attempted to break his walls once again to allow the girl to enter his life. Little did he know, everything about it was planned – it was part of the prophecy that was never made known to him and to anyone else in his clan except the elders. Is she his ultimate distraction or the key to his success?

Personal Remarks: (Spoiler Alert here and there)

I met the author of this novel, Shannon Thompson, over at Twitter and we managed to strike up a few random conversations prior to her lovely request of having me make a review of her book. I was given a copy by the author herself and although it took me some time to finish it (due to my responsibilities in school), I loved every step of the journey into the novel. I must admit that the beginning was quite confusing at first, maybe because the whole novel started out with two stories of the same characters in different personas which eventually merged into one. The main characters, you see, have two different personas: one is their human persona and the other their shade persona. Shoman, the first descendant, met this girl in the woods whom he considered as “the nameless shade” who turned out to be the new girl in town – Jessica Taylor. Jessica eventually became partnered up with Eric Welborn for a science project and Eric turns out to be Shoman – the young man she met in the woods. Shoman (also known as Eric) trained “the nameless shade” (also known as Jessica) so that she’d know everything she needed to know. Throughout the process, Shoman started falling for her the same way she did for him. Apparently, this was all part of the prophecy that wasn’t made known to them.

Eventually, as soon as I had a firm grasp of the plot, I started reading NON-STOP even to the point of staying up at night even if I had classes the following day. I also used my free time in school to read and finish the novel, not because I had a review to do but because I can’t seem to stop reading. It captured me too much and I guess I couldn’t exactly blame Jessica Taylor for falling for Shoman and Eric. He’s an awesome guy.

The novel captured me so much that I requested Shannon if I can interview Eric Welborn some time. She gladly agreed and I can’t wait to interview him!

And speaking of Shannon, I absolutely admire how she was able to come up with such a plot and her ability to execute her ideas is simply outstanding. She was able to execute the novel with the point of view of the two main characters – Jessica and Eric – but it followed one general plot. This method allowed the readers to know how both sides were feeling and it’s very admirable to have something like this because sometimes, readers would also want to know how the other main character/s see things especially when a love story is playing its parts. It’s nice to know both sides of the couple!

Overall, Minutes Before Sunset is a very compelling novel that leaves the readers wanting so much more of it. I personally didn’t expect the ending to come so soon and as soon as I read the last page, I flipped more pages hoping to read more of the story of Eric and Jessica. Unfortunately, we all have to wait for book two.


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