Illustrations and Own Characters


As previously stated from a couple of blog posts, I write during my free time. I write my own literary works and I make reviews, too. Currently, I am working on a piece called Attachment. The first two chapters are already up on Wattpad. Anyway, a few minutes ago, I had a bit of free time and decided browsing through illustrations on Pinterest. To my surprise, I found two illustrations that clearly captured how I imaged Lucian Malliarch of Attachment and Adonis Gale of Under His Strings. Oh, and as a bonus, I found another illustration that looked like the two of them were in it!photo 1  photo 2

So… yes. Presenting Lucian Malliarch (left) and Adonis Gale (right). The face of the guy on the left is really perfect for Lucian. It’s exactly how I imagined him to look with eyes that threatening and hair flowing like that. As for Adonis, minus the illustration being a monochromatic one, I imagine him with blonde hair and a facial expression a little gentler than that.

photo 3

And check this out, I don’t know if the two guys in the photos above are these guys as well, but hey, I like how this one practically shows them both in one photo. ❤ I don’t own any of the photos, by the way. I can only wish I have such skills to draw my own characters as well as these artists did for their own work.

Anyway, here’s a fun game for authors and writers out there. Why don’t you allow an interview of your own characters? That would make a good blog post or a good novel extra. What do you think?


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