The Vast Landscape of Writing

About a year ago, my Creative Writing professor told our class that writing is all about finding your edge and knowing the right things to write about. It should be in line with your own interests and preferences while, at the same time, it should be something that other people will find interesting as well. I’ve stopped writing for about 5 years and it was during that hiatus when I heard that statement. Back then, I did not understand what she meant.

Now, being stuck in the thin line between the world of academics and the world of fantasies, I think I’m already starting to get her point.

Personally, I love writing about suspense, horror, paranormal and thriller with a little dash of romance. Currently, I am making a research paper about how plants contribute to global warming as well (please don’t make me discuss this, I’m really quite tired with the topic already) and the further I go into making the paper, the more I realize that some parts do not sound academic at all. It’s as if I’m making a fic with plants as the antagonist and the world is under its mercy or something.

I guess the perfect idea to consider here is: know how to write given whatever the situation you have to deal with. 

Not all forms of writing are a form of leisure and creativity. There are some kinds that require excessive brain-work (and no, I’m not talking about imagination. I’m talking about cold, hard facts) and this is where creativity can’t play its role.

Yep, this has been a random thought I needed to jot down.


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