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Anna Dressed in Blood (Book Review)




Cas has an unusual vocation in life because his life centers on killing the dead. He travels here and there to find ghosts based on personal accounts and stuff and he kills them so that they’d stop their haunting. At one point, he traveled to this town wherein locals claim of a ghost they’ve grown used to calling “Anna Dressed in Blood”. Anna is rumored to rip people in to pieces while she haunts them wearing the clothes she died in. And her death? Well, it was caused by murder.

Cas, along with his friends, explored this mystery and due to a twist of events, he found himself attached to the one he was supposed to kill.


I rewarded myself with this book last week for making it to my school’s honor list. it was quite pricey for a paperback (just a personal opinion, though) but it didn’t give me any regrets. I guess the first few chapters were a bit of a drag for me, but as things progressed, the plot became more and more interesting. I just had a couple of questions in terms of its concepts such as:

  1. How does one kill ghosts? I mean, they’re dead. I thought there should be some sort of ritual or something and not an actual killing with a weapon.
  2. How is it possible for Anna to materialize and to suddenly have this short span of a normal teenager life when, in fact, she is considered as the creepiest ghost of the town?

I guess these things are just products of the author’s imagination and, as an aspiring writer, I do make-up a lot of things as well, but still. These two things were quite questionable for me. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed the story! It gives the readers nearly all emotions: humor, fear, that lovey-dovey feeling, etc. The great thing about this novel is how the author, Kendare Blake, managed to give the readers “the creeps” in all of its gruesome scenes. If you have a strong imagination, this novel may give you nightmares.

I must admit that the ending is quite disappointing, though. I wouldn’t call it a cliffhanger but rather a questionable one. Personally, I think it could have a better ending than that.

All in all, I rate it 4/5 stars. It’s an entertaining read, but if you’re very technical when it comes to ghosts and spirits, you might find a lot of things in the novel questionable. Oh, and lastly, if ghost stories scare you a lot, I guess this book isn’t really for you.


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