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Sweet Picks Cheesecakes (Food Review)


So today, I was given the chance to check out one of the food concessionaires in school and one of them is this one: SWEET PICKS CHEESECAKES. My friend bought her own share first and she made me taste it, claiming that it tastes so good. I took a bite from her apple cinnamon and, oh gosh, I couldn’t agree with her more!

photo 1 photo 2

Sweet Picks offers a lot of flavors to choose from and I was informed that their bestsellers are mango and cookies n’ cream. I have yet to taste the latter one but earlier today, I tried the mango-flavored cheesecake. Yep, most definitely a bestseller. I enjoyed every bite of it! I don’t usually overspend in school (on a normal basis, I’d just spend less than P100 for my lunch) but today, I made an exception. It was totally worth it! Can’t wait to try the cookies n’ cream tomorrow!

Here’s an actual photo of my mango cheesecake earlier:

photo 4

Oh, and if you’re from the Philippines, go check them out! They have a Facebook page! Their treats are really good. Perhaps you can invite them in your school events too!


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