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City of Ashes (Book Review)

city-of-ashes-cassandra-clareLet me start off by saying that, just like the four books I’ve read prior to this one (The Infernal Devices trilogy + City of Bones), Cassandra Clare managed to pull things off yet again by giving her readers and her supporters the sudden and unexpected twits and turns of the plot. Quite honestly, though, I didn’t find this as good as City of Bones but I guess with a series as long as this one, perhaps it couldn’t be avoided to have this a little more lay-low because it’s still at the peak of reaching greater actions.

Honestly, after reading this review  over at, I’ve paid closer attention to detail especially when it came to the way Cassandra Clare describes certain situations, emotions, senses, etc. I must say, after having a wider perspective, I agree with the review prior mentioned but I still love the way she narrated the events and how certain scenes still made me explode with so much emotions inside. I still admire the way she managed to use so many characters and create different situations happening all at the same time yet none of them seemed out of place. In my opinion, at least, because personally, that’s my weakness in writing – creating so many things but at the end of the day, it all boils down to one main situation / event. Perhaps this is why I admire Cassandra Clare so much. Her works are easy-reading yet they’re very rich in text.


At the very least, despite the dark theme of this novel and its depressing events, there were still some parts that lightened things up. For example, the fearless rune. (SPOILER ALERT!!) I like the way they all conversed in the living room. Clary just discovered that she could create runes thatweren’t documented in the past so what she did, she created a rune that attacked fear. They needed to test its effects and an exchange of words between Magnus and Jace went:

JACE: Alright, who wants to do me?

MAGNUS: A regrettable choice of words

In the end, the new rune was tested on Alec who nearly admitted in front of everyone about his relationship with Magnus Bane. Yes, do not judge, I love their pairing. Another reason to love Cassandra Clare is that she’s open to these kinds of things even in her novels.

Speaking of Alec and Magnus, the hints of their relationship were very evident in this book. They’re such a cute pair.

Lastly, I’d like to point out the countless heartbreaking scenes between Jace and Clary. Somewhere at the start of the book, Jace was trying to convince Clary to stop lying to herself. And by that, he meant that Clary should finally admit that she loves Jace too. The epilogue scene though, when things were already supposed to lead to that, it was Jace who retreated. Yep, I’m not getting to details here. Read it!

Just a random note, I want to know Imogen Herondale’s background. How’s she related to Will? (If the answer to this question comes in the latter volumes of the series, then please spare me. I’d get to that soon)

I wouldn’t dwell much on the characters anymore because they’re still the same. Except for one, to say the least, because, well, let’s just say he…. changed. Also, there’s a new werewolf character named Maia. I think she and Simon has something up their sleeves.

All in all, I rate this book 4 / 5 stars. I still love it, but I guess I was expecting more from it.


2 thoughts on “City of Ashes (Book Review)

    1. I really started to agree with you when I came to read it technically. I found some things quite questionable BUT, plot-wise, I’m still a big fan. Lol.

      I think you might like the prequel (The Infernal Devices). Her writing style’s a lot better there. 🙂

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