World War Z (Movie Review)


Pardon me for this very late review, but allow me to do it anyhow. I only managed to watch World War Z last night, months after its actual showing date here in the Philippines. If there was one word that would explain my emotion for this, it’ll be WOW.

PS: Please don’t judge me. I haven’t finished the book yet.

For the first time ever, I’m actually terrified with a zombie-themed movie. I am usually a fan of these things, from books to series to movies, but I always found it quite intriguing and interesting at the same time. I’ve played zombie-themed games in various platforms as well, but I found those fun an exciting. It’s only in this movie that I found things very terrifying for the sole reason that it is more realistic than others. The zombie apocalypse isn’t portrayed as a game or some silly past-time. It isn’t portrayed as something as simple as attacking the brain or chopping body parts off. Instead, it’s portrayed as a real threat and a situation that the world wouldn’t be able to rise upon that easily.

Brad-Pitt-in-World-War-Z-2013-Movie-Image-2 Brad Pitt here is a guy named Gerry Lane and is initially portrayed as this normal, every day man who loves his family above anything else. He used to work for the UN, doing very life-risking tasks and stuff but he decided to drop that off for the sake of his family. Then again, when the outbreak started, he needed to go back to his past in order to provide the protection his family needs. The UN, after all, promised to watch over his family while he’s gone and after agreeing to do the job, he traveled to different countries around the world to trace the origin of the virus and to hopefully find a cure for it. He traveled to South Korea where the initial term (zombies) was introduced but finding nothing there, he went to Israel to find more clues. It was in Israel where he realized the ultimate cure: zombies tend to ignore those with terminal illnesses. This was the break-through discovery that helped people blend in with the undead.

world-war-z-segen1It was also in Israel where Gerry met Segen who became his companion until he was able to return home to his family. She seemed to be an insignificant character at first because she was initially portrayed as this military girl but then it was through her that Gerry realized that cutting off the bitten part of the body will stop the transformation. That was quite a scene though, when Gerry cut off her arm. Still, despite that necessary action, Segen was still very brave and skillful. In fact, she helped Gerry reach the WHO Research Center after the plain crash. Needless to say, Segen is my favorite character in the entire film. I find her very admirable because she’s one of those female characters who breaks the notion of being a woman. She continued to fight despite her sudden disability and despite telling Gerry that she’d just be a liability, she still proven herself useful to him. Plus she’s very pretty. 

At the end of the movie, Gerry managed to go back to his family and people found a way to blend in with the zombies through the help of Gerry’s discovery. They started bombing the highly infested area and they burned all the carcasses of the dead zombies (quite an ironic term) to hopefully stop the plague.


4 thoughts on “World War Z (Movie Review)

    1. I find other dialogues quite questionable as well, but there were lines which were very witty and eye-opening. That one, I highly appreciate. Thanks for dropping by and for taking the time to comment!

  1. I’m a huge zombie fan and I agree that this movie made it seem more realistic than some sort of game. I was intrigued and entertained from beginning to end.

    Great review!


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