Creativity vs Technical Things

In my course, these two concepts would often clash. One begs for colors, eccentricity, random out of this world thoughts, bright ideas, etc. while the other begs for the proper usage of what the other begs for. Oftentimes, people excelling in one over the other would often clash with the people who excels at the opposite of what they excel in. Yep. Once again, the reality of my course.

Or perhaps, the people you’d have to deal with in my course?

It’s funny how authorities (or people who think they have the authority) pressure us with deadlines and make the deadline as if it was the way, the truth and the light. Then, all of a sudden, this guy shows up and gives a talk in class and his lesson says that we should do leisurely activities to get our ideas pouring. It’s funny, you know, because technical people wouldn’t want that. They think it’s just a waste of time and us, the creative freaks, should just sit down and play a staring game with the paper until the bright idea hits us.

Nope, it does not work that way, technical people. I’m sorry.

Do not write ads. Write stories. – Rey Tiempo

I noted this quote from the speaker we had last Saturday because first and foremost, I appreciate the fact that he is a writer as well. Second, I’m just thankful that someone (and thank goodness it’s someone of authority) finally voiced this out. FINALLY. Technical people would always be like, “Okay, create an ad with the tagline. Create an ad with this and that. Create an ad for this and that.” Sometimes (or all the time?) they forget that these things should contain a story. They only notice the proper usage of colors, the proper positioning of images, the possibility of the target market to notice the ad and all those other technical things.

I’m not saying that the technical ideas should be disregarded. Of course not, especially in the course of advertising.

Once again it boils down to the idea that achieving self-growth is quite hard in this field.

Or… I don’t know. Am I only having this perception because of the current people I’m working with?


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