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TGIF’s Glorietta Branch (Food Review)


Given the rare chance of having a bonding time with my grandmother plus other personal reasons that needed to celebrated for, we decided to have a good dinner tonight. This was our choice: TGIF’s in Glorietta.

image ( kindly pardon the low quality of the photo) So this is a photo of me and my grandmother, sitting near the window. It was nice because the person (pardon me, I forgot to take note of the name) who ushered to the seat asked us if we wanted a window seat. I found this a good gesture because, well, I don’t usually experience this kind of welcome in other restaurants, even those similar to TGIF’s.

So, once we were comfortably positioned in our seats, we were offered the free wifi password and we were briefed through the menu. Then, our server came in. Her name’s Tieyhn (pronounced as Tin. Cool, huh?) and this is blog post is about her and this branch’s excellent consumer-base service.

For the first semester of my third year college life as an advertising student, I’ve learned a lot about consumer insights and marketing based on consumers’ needs and wants. I learned a lot about  how prioritize consumers and all of these lessons somehow made me forget that I am a consumer as well. I forgot that I also look for certain qualities for one to be considered as a good product or a good service instead of thinking about how to make a product or a service good for other people. The people working in TGIF’s Glorietta branch embodied everything I’ve learned in the classroom about how consumer insights should always be prioritized. It’s quite unfortunate they didn’t have a comment sheet then, I would’ve written so much. So instead, here’s a blog post.

image(1)Firsts of all, despite wanting to have a good dinner tonight, my grandmother and I were in a tight budget. We didn’t want to spend too much, hence, our sharing strategy — ordering two dishes and sharing them. Apparently, we did that for drinks as well. Tieyhn, the person who served us, was kind enough to give us two glasses (for a one-can coke) and she told us that since we were sharing anyway, she prepared two glasses already. Oh, and she said, “enjoy your bonding time!” before leaving us to enjoy our meal. I personally appreciated that because, through that simple gesture and through those simple words, the communication between us and her became more personal. Oh, and once in a while, she’d check in on us (even the manager did so as well) to ask us if we’re doing okay or if we needed anything else. This was another gesture I appreciated because I saw how they value the consumers and their dining experience. Lovely service, they have right there. In all honesty, it’s been a long time since I experienced a good restaurant service like this one.

It’s also cute when she called me and my grandmother as “mother” and “sister”. Really. It builds that whole friendly mood. She even told us to take care on the way out because it’s raining and the weather’s too sporadic so we must be precautionary of colds.

Other than Tieyhn, I noticed that the other staff had the same attitude she has. I guess it’s part of their training? Or part of what TGIF’s stand for? I’m not really sure, but they’re doing such a splendid job on it. Cheers to them!



so here’s a photo of our simple yet fun-filled dinner at TGIF’s in Glorietta. If I were you and you’re somewhere in Makati, go drop by in TGIF’s Glorietta 3 and have a snack or a drink or something! It’s going to be fun, I tell you. Good food + splendid service + relaxing place = happy consumers.


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