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Joining Bandwagons (Croughnuts Review)


So today, after a quick trip to the mall, I decided to try out the famous croughnuts. I’ve heard about these things from my Public Relations officer way back in June and how it became such a popular hit in the US. I’m not sure if my information’s accurate, but I think it’s Le Coeur De France who brought croughnuts here in the Philippines first. Or at least, they’re the first one to advertise having the product.

Anyway, due to the lack of a better photo, here’s me taking a bite.

It’s Le Couer De France’s mixed berries with creamcheese. I wouldn’t deny that it’s very tasty, but personally, I don’t see what’s so special about it. It must’ve only been the bandwagon’s creation at work?

It’s 89php, by the way, quite a price for a small croughnut. Oh, and don’t eat it while standing up (like I did). It’s one hell of a messy bite.


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