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City of Bones (Book Review)


Pardon me for making a review about the book when the movie’s just recently showing in cinemas, but I just really have to. My defense, on the other hand, as to why I’ve only read the book now is because I’ve prioritized Infernal Devices (the prequel to The Mortal Instruments) and I must say, both series are beyond exceptional. I’ve heard some people claiming how Cassandra Clare’s works aren’t exactly literature-worthy but I guess those words merely came from people who can’t surpass the image of vampires and werewolves the Twilight Saga created. Pick up and read the first book of the Infernal Devices (Clockwork Angel) and The Mortal Instruments (City of Bones) and I doubt you’d find the time to put it down.

So anyway, back to the review:


A quick synopsis:

Basically this is about a supposedly regular girl, Clarissa Fray, who had been living a lie throughout the fifteen years of her existence. Her mother, a seemingly-fragile woman, turns out to be the wife of a powerful shadowhunter and, due to twists and turns of events, she ended up slightly falling in love with a guy who turned out to be her long-lost brother.

Character analysis:

  • Jace Wayland – He reminds me of Will Herondale of The Infernal Devices so much. According to a friend, Jace’s real name is Jace Herondale or something, but I haven’t gotten to that part yet. DO NOT SPOIL THIS FOR ME, PLEASE!! But yes, anyway, he is a lot like Will; quite arrogant and so full of himself but deep down, he is fragile and sweet. He has this certain sense of humor, one which you’d like to punch straight on the face if you’d encounter him on a regular basis, but Jace has his way of pulling it off. He’s quite a jerk at some points, but hey, it’s Jace.
  • Clary Fray –  Clary seemed to be a very hard-headed and weak girl during the first few parts of the story. She’s like this confused character (though her confusion is completely understandable) who thinks she can do things but actually can’t, yet she turned out to be a brave and smart girl who can read between the lines (except in terms of love, that is).
  • Isabelle Lightwood – She is like Jessamine’s counterpart in the Mortal Instruments. She loves to dress up, loves to look good and feel good, and she is overflowing with confidence. Unlike Jessamine, though, she embraces her Shadowhunter blood fully and is a very skilled warrior.
  • Alec Lightwood – Isabelle’s brother, a  somehow minor character in the book. Nothing much is portrayed about Alec, except that he is gay, has secret feelings for Jace and has this certain infatuation for Magnus Bane (I don’t blame him). Quite hot-headed and easily annoyed, but it works that way. Oh, and he is Jace’s parabatai.
  • Simon – Well, he is friend-zoned. A typical geek, a typical gentleman.
  • Jocelyn Fairchild – (Meaning she’s a decent of Charlotte’s family?) Quite an intriguing character but the truth of her existence isn’t mentioned in this book just yet.
  • Luke Graymark – A werewolf, a friend-zoned man as well, yet a total father-figure to Clary.
  • Hodge Starkweather – Annoying, two-faced, weak person.
  • Valentine Morgenstern – I imagine him as this handsome man whom teenagers can still fangirl on despite the age. He’s two-faced as well and he has his way of tricking people.
  • Magnus Bane – (This may need a separate blogpost) He is quite far from the Magnus Bane portrayed in the Infernal Devices but his usual humor and witty attitude is still there. I like how his cat’s name is Chairman Meow and I like how he is portrayed to be gay in this series. That moment with Alec is just… well… I ship.

Personal Review

This book reminds me of Clockwork Princess, with the way its plot twists unfolded. Once again, Cassandra Clare proved to her readers and her fan how skilled she is in terms of handling so many twists and turns. I like how, similarly to the Infernal Devices, she created a lot of characters yet she patched their connections before book ends. I think it’s quite hard to do something like that and it must’ve taken her a lot of time to plot out their interconnected-ness and the twists and turns of the novel yet at the end of the day, everything patched up together perfectly.

All in all, I rate it 5 stars and a must-read to anyone interested in modern fantasy and romance. ❤


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