Nocturnal Realizations

The funny thing about being a former nocturnal human being is that, once in a while, even if you’ve already passed that stage, your mind still does its wonders at the wee hours of the night. Currently, I’m typing this entry on my phone at 2:45am. I’m in the middle of reading City of Bones to make it in time for the movie. Due to personal reasons, I think I’d better take advantage of this “me time” this morning. After all, who knows when school duties take me back to my unwanted reality again?

I guess I just randomly came to terms with why I’m not cut out for my course. I find it too… technical. It’s like, your creativity is bound by certain guidelines and procedures that, well, prevent that creative soul from playing around. Advertising requires so much more than being able to think up of something nice and new. Contrary to popular belief, creativity isn’t the key role here. Rather, strategy is. It’s like studying all the technicalities of creativity and goes only as far as promoting things in such a way that it is different and memorable. Personally, I feel so bound by the restraints of these technical things.

Right now, I am currently admiring Cassandra Clare’s ability to create such a compelling scene and her ability to make the reader want to throw the book out of overflowing emotions. I admire her artistic imagination, her way of playing with words in such a way that you’d really want to read more and every page brings you something new. A fine work such as this had gone through minimal restraints, surely. Perhaps some ideas were scrapped our here and there, but the grounds of this book (City of Bones) is her imagination and her mind. Her creativity brought to life the Nephilim, the Shadowhunters, Downworlders and all other things which only came about because of her.

Right after City of Bones, I’d be reading Michelle Muto’s Don’t Fear the Reaper.

How I wish I can have a career out of my own creativity as well someday, like these awesome people…


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