My Kind of Relief

As per my previous posts, I think you guys already have an idea about my “sufferings” in my course and how much it prevents me from making reviews as much as I possibly can. Give me a few months, I’d get back to that, along with my other love — writing.

The other day, I met this awesome person named Michelle Muto and she sparked up my desire to write once again. The best part is, she’s exactly the type of author I want to become someday. (PS: Michelle, thank you for introducing the term “urban fantasy” to me) Her works made me remember my own, which is still on pause until now due to my school’s work load. It’s being ignored in Wattpad anyway, but meh. I’d really continue that. I just hope to find someone who can review and critic it along the way.


This is a story I started on last summer and I guess I lacked the motivation for it. I opened up my files and I saw the latest chapter still unfinished. Let’s be honest here, the best motivation is having a push from other people, like telling you they want to read more.  I have this friend who used to read everything I did and she gave me the push I needed but I guess college had been preventing us from doing what we used to — me from writing, her from reading. Ah well, it’s inevitable.


For those interested in any way, you can find the story here. I’m planning to update it twice, hopefully, by Thursday.


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