The Original Idea

(I would’ve used the title, “The Disadvantages of Being a Creative Person” but that would be too disheartening)

There are so many reasons why I wouldn’t pursue a career in the advertising industry, despite it being my major. Don’t get me wrong, though. Taking up advertising is such a great advantage to anyone mainly because you’d learn both the mental work and the hands-on work so the knowledge you attain in such a course is something you can use anywhere.

But anyway, it still has its downs. Again, there are many reasons why I wouldn’t pursue a career in advertising but I’ll only dwell on one.

Here’s an idea:

You create something purely out of your imagination. Your skills turned that imagination to reality. Finally, you have an output. You’re happy with it. You’re proud of it. Why? Because you created it. It exists because of your creativity and skills. It exists because of you.

But then, people wouldn’t like it. People would think it’s a worthless piece of crap.

Revisions come along.

Too much revisions came until your original idea is no longer there. Your original creation is no longer existing.

In the end, you’re creating the ideas of others. You make their ideals possible and yours merely a figment of your imagination.

So yes. That’s the reality of the creatives department in an advertising field. You work to idealize the thoughts of others even if they don’t see things the way you do. Let’s face it. People inexperienced to creativity wouldn’t see the world the way you do. If the people above you are all just cold, hard facts, then you’re doomed.

Yep. My personal realizations in my field.


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