Rough Patches

It’s funny how the first success is always the easiest step despite the fact that blood, sweat and tears were already sacrificed to attain it. Last week, we had the taste of sweet victory but that feeling of utmost euphoria was only temporary due to how so many people kept on instilling the fact that the hard work is just starting. I mean, okay, I surely get that and I understand that but couldn’t we spend the day rejoicing for a while?

Well, I guess not. One week after the success we attained in the Intergrated Marketing Campaign competition within the school, we are now bombarded with so many revisions up to the point when it already seems like we’re making an entirely different campaign. People kept on telling us that it’s for the best. Yes, I understand, and it really is for the best but, not that I’m totally being a kill-joy here but, do we have the leisure of time for this? Our former campaign took weeks of refinement. We only have four days now.

Oh well. I guess if we put our hearts to it, we can do it.

Brb, sacrificing a goat to the gods.


3 thoughts on “Rough Patches

    1. It really is evil. It’s like hell spitting you back out. Jk. Hahaha. You know how things go smoothly every time a goat is sacrificed? Yep. Brb sacrificing a goat.

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